updates and downbeats…

Posted: January 11, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


Two “cutting” observations:
One of the incisions from my surgery last week is right over my belly button, I hope that doesn’t hurt my promising future career as a swimwear model.

Speaking of incisions, I discovered this week that maybe while Diana is eating a bagel isn’t THE best time to show her my cuts and ask “how do they look to you?”
As I have healed from the operation and as we have waited for some results, something fun happened. I suddenly have eyebrows again! I didn’t realize what a difference they make!
They make me look a LITTLE less freaky.
But, it turns out that they are going to be temporary.
things are about to get freaky again.
We went to the oncologist this morning and we found out that our fight is not over.
The belly bully is still hanging around.
So we are going to fight him some different ways.
things are about to get nasty.
I start “salvage therapy” on Monday morning.
I will have two cycles of really intense chemo where I will be introduced to some very gnarly drugs. One super intense drug has the possible side effect of a coma…
I’m not a fan of that.
things are about to get really hard.
My lymphoma has to respond in order to move on to the next step, which would be to talk to a transplant team, get a bone marrow test and stem cell transplant.
If that doesn’t happen, my oncologist, who is a Cowboy/astronaut/rockstar, already has another plan in place.
We WILL beat the belly bully.
It’s just not going to be pretty.
At this point, It’s going to be a long fight.
I will be out of commission for another six months.
I’m not a fan of that…
But I’m willing to do it if it means I will get to hold my wife’s hand for another thirty years and dance with our granddaughter at her wedding.
I WILL continue to fight with joy, it is my strength and superpower.

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