Plans Change…

Posted: April 12, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


So,  yesterday morning I had one big plan…
That was it, just that simple.
I had made it through an ugly round of chemo.
I was feeling like a fighter crumbled up in the corner holding onto my dreams and sucking my thumb.
I needed some sleep and maybe a good movie or book.
Then I got a phone call from my nurse…
My potassium was entirely too low…dangerously low.
I’ve learned that potassium is more than bananas. It’s a muscle builder. The heart is a muscle so it’s pretty important.
So the last two days have been spent back in the big crunchy vinyl infusion chair.
I spent about four hours each day hanging out with a bunch of lovely people.
BUT, wait THAT is not all…
After checking my blood today, we realized that my hemoglobin was incredibly low and my platelets are at 10. (Which is good on American Idol) but the normal target is 140, so not a good thing.
Evidently this can all be traced back to the gnarly new drug that I’ve danced with this week.
This is such a strange disease, the cure can knock you on your butt faster than a half crazed MMA fighter.
SOOOOOO….I get to visit my old friends at the hospital infusion suite the next two days and get several bags of blood and platelets that amazing people were kind enough to donate.
I’m ready for recovery.
Right now, I’m really weak. My brain is thick like Irish oatmeal.
My spirit is strong and I still believe.

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