Posted: April 17, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


Once upon a time at Six Flags…

It was the early 80’s, I was on a youth group trip to Six Flags. It was July in Texas.
I was wearing baby blue corduroy Ocean Pacific shorts.
They were very stylish, I might have also had been wearing a fanny pack.
We rode the log flume ride, my shorts got wet.
After a few hours, I noticed something as I walked across Spain.
It was the post amusement park chafe walk.
I was hurting.
I was walking funny.
I would have traded my Star Wars action figures for a little baby powder.
Sometimes things change quickly and leave you chafed.
You go from going through life having fun and suddenly life chafes you and you are hurting.
Last July we got chafed.
Its become a daily thing.
Today we got chafed again.
It has been a long walk around the amusement park.

We were up most of the night getting blood and platelets.
I had a weird reaction to the platelets involving hives and a fever.
At 6:00 am I was getting a sponge bath from a lady I have never met.
Diana was in the room too!!
At 7:00 am I was lying on an ironing board getting a CAT scan.
The picture with this story is the view from our SECOND STORY ROOM. I feel like I’m at a summer camp in Oregon…
I wish I were at a summer camp in Oregon!!
I was attacked by a bendy straw. I was drinking a boost and it hurled it’s chocolate healthiness all over my hospital gown. This is my third gown of the day.
I have basically no immunity level at all. Everybody who comes into my room has to wear a mask. Not a fun Batman or Darth Vader mask, a crunchy, uncomfortable mask.
We were just walking through the day, and then…
We got some chafing news…
The CAT scan results.
They see no obvious reason for my bleeding.
They think it’s either chemo or the disease.
Speaking of the disease, it has gotten worse.
The tumor has grown and there are spots on my liver.
We are chafed.
But, I’m holding onto a hope that I don’t always understand.
I’m not leaving the amusement park just yet.
I’m just changing shorts.
We just got a text from our Oncologist that read, “Strap In, Amigo! Duke and I have a plan!”
Haven’t you heard…
Resurrection happens this time of year?

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