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Life on the Play Mat.

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I put my granddaughter down this morning on her plastic play mat. She loves it! It plays music and it’s decorated with unnaturally colored circus animals. She lays there transfixed by the colors, awkwardly swatting at the hanging critters. I put her down and I started to do something else, I had things to do, coffee was high on the list. But, instead I plopped down on the floor beside her and I played with the green giraffe. I looked at her face, she was lost in wonder. She was captured by discovery. It is an incomparable joy to watch her discover new things. Every day something is new. Today it was the blue plastic elephant with red ears. He is AWESOME!!
When I got down on her level I became a witness to the wide eyed wonder.
Sometimes you miss things if you aren’t willing to stop and play, and I don’t want to miss a thing!
I’m reminded that every human is wired for wonder, crafted for curiosity, and designed to discover.
Because we never get too old to discover new.
This morning as I lay on the floor with the Moonpie, two phrases exploded in my spirit and I wept like a three month old baby.
The Spirit whispered to me…
“My mercies are new every day”
“The Word became flesh”.
Mercies are new every day.
There is freshly forged grace every new day.
God gives mercy like manna, new every day and the perfect amount for the day.
Jesus came to make all things new.
Fresh mercy to be discovered and dispensed.
But, that’s not all…
“The Word became flesh”.
Jesus got down on the floor to play with us.
He had things to do, a galaxy to run. But instead he plopped down onto our play mat.
The divine isn’t as distant as we have been led to believe.
God gets down on the floor with us.
He came to make us new and to help us discover new things. He did it because he loves us.
I think he did it because he didn’t want us to miss a thing.

Summer Cut.

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It was an annual summer ritual for my brother and me.
The summer hair cut…the buzz cut.
At our house it happened as soon as school let out. Schools out, hairs off!
For most of my childhood my Grandpa Cox was my barber. (If you are feeling brave, you can read about that truly hair raising experience here: ) It was much more about function than fashion. At our house, summer was messy and smelly. We played outside all day, running wild and grabbing summer by the throat. We explored fields and creeks. We threw mud and skipped stones. We played football and climbed through mosquito infested drainage ditches. We caught lightning bugs. We ate homegrown tomatoes and watermelon, getting the sticky juice all over our dirty faces.
By the time the sun went down our sweaty heads smelled like really old mayonnaise. It was very unpleasant. Mom decided it would be better to have sons with heads that resembled pink vidalia onions, than to bring the toxic stank head into the house. So the hair had to go. Mom always thought fashion should serve you instead of the other way around.
“Don’t worry! It will grow back by the time school starts!”
It usually didn’t grow back quickly, I have proof of this with years of school pictures where I look like a goofy, smiling onion! (WHY does it seem like picture day was always the first week of school?)
It actually did benefit us, we didn’t have to worry about hair getting in our eyes when we were popping wheelies. We didn’t have to touch a bottle shampoo for three months. It gave us more time to play, since we didn’t have to worry about personal grooming.
It’s ironic that now that I get to decide, I shave my head every few days. I sport a yearlong BUZZ. There are several reasons for this, if I tried to grow out my hair now, it would look like a splotchy cul de sac. AND, I love the fresh feeling of a cool breeze on my naked scalp.
The bottom line is still this: It gives me more time to play, since I don’t have to worry about personal grooming.


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I didn’t get to know my Grandpa Lang very well. He died when I was five years old. But, when I think back, this is how I remember him…


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Baby Arms.

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I have a confession to make. I feel like such a baby for saying this…
The last few weeks I’ve had baby arms (not to be confused with baby neck, that’s totally different).
I don’t know if you realize this, I’ve been pretty quiet about it, but Diana and me are new grandparents. It’s true! We are seriously loving it! But, now I have baby arms.
Our granddaughter spends at least one night with us a week. She has slept all night in my arms more than once, and then, during the day I hold her…constantly.
Don’t judge me or tell me that I’m spoiling the child. I’m a first time grandpa who happens to think that spoiled is something that happens to cottage cheese, not sweet little granddaughters.
Anyway, I hold her a lot!
She is just a little 13 pound love nugget, but I’m not used to constantly cradling such preciousness.
And, my arms hurt real bad.
I’m not used to it, so it has stretched me and left me sore.
Now I feel like a T-Rex with limited motor skills.
I’ve consumed Advil and slathered myself in Bengay.
And, my arms still hurt real bad.
Sometimes love hurts.
I’m okay with that, it’s worth it!!
When we find new ways to love, it stretches us.
I talked to a buddy of mine who has a background in sports medicine (because baby holding should be a semi-competitive sport, right?) He told me that I need to stretch. WHHAA? Wait a minute…stretching is what hurt me in the first place. Right?!! It turns out that if stretching messes you up, then you can help the healing by stretching some more…crazy, huh?
It turns out that anytime you do something you haven’t done in a while, it can hurt. The answer is not stopping, it’s stretching!!
When we find new ways to love, it stretches us.
It’s worth it!!
Pain will become poetry, but first it’s going to hurt.
Keep stretching!!

Life in the Cheap Seats.

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Life is different up in the cheap seats, up where the air is thinner, up where you are just grateful to be in the stadium, up where it’s an effort to find your seat. It’s a hike!
Sometimes, we feel like we are destined to spend our lives in the cheap seats. We watch the fortunate souls in the suites or the box seats, and we think, “what a waste!! I SHOULD be sitting there!”
But, what if we are meant to be in the cheap seats. It’s not an accident. It’s where we belong. That is where we find our people, that is where we find our perspective.
The cheap seats give you a unique view, the opposition looks smaller.
The crowd is different, they are wilder and not afraid to have some fun. They wave their foam fingers in the air and loudly declare their allegiance. Their life has been affected by what happens in the stadium, they aren’t afraid to let everyone know.
It’s easy to start something up in the cheap seats, whether it be the wave or a fight. People are looking for something to shout about. It’s easy to make friends as long as you aren’t looking down on them.
You have to realize that the fans are just as passionate in the cheap seats as the suite dwellers, maybe even more passionate. Life has just taken them to a different seat.
Life is good up in the cheap seats.
So at the risk of a nosebleed, I’m going up high, up where my problems seem smaller and the people around me are quicker to laugh.
Give me a minute, it takes a while to climb up the bleachers.


The Luchador Life…

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