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Go Forth and Slay…

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Behold the Blobfish.

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, let me introduce to you to this champion of curiosity…
the amazing BLOBFISH!
He lives 3,000 feet below the surface off the coasts of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.
He is basically sea jello that loosely resembles Winston Churchill.
He is a completely original creation.
He is currently endangered, which is sad.
He is simple sealife…
He conserves energy by never really actually swimming, he simply floats right above the sea floor.
In 2013 the mighty Blobfish was voted the “World’s Ugliest Animal” by some mean people who just don’t appreciate interesting.
Did the haters hold him back from living His Blobfish dreams?
(Mainly because he doesn’t have internet access so he never saw the slam.)
But, the obvious lesson here is float past the haters! Don’t read the negative stuff.
We can learn more from our little gelatinous friend…
He is a reminder that unusual should never go out of style.
“In a sea of same, weird wins.” – CJ Casciotta
The Blobfish is also proof that God has a wild imagination and a wicked sense of humor.
I love the Blobfish.
He makes me smile.
I wish that a sports team somewhere would make the Blobfish their mascot, cause that would be awesome.
There should be stuffed toy Blobfish and a jelly like dance step. Gummy Blobfish would be fun.
Let’s learn from this deep water hero…
Let’s get weird!
Let’s float out of the sea of normalcy, and refuse to be same.
Celebrate the curious!
Float on Mr. Blobfish, float on!


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I look down at my hands,
And I’m surprised…
Suddenly they are old.
How did that happen?
Somehow, I now have my Dad’s hands.
I wear the same wrinkles and spots.
I feel the same hurts.
There are calluses and scars on my tired hands.
But, these used hands still have stories to tell.

I look down at the hands of my granddaughter,
They are new and unblemished…
chubby and dimpled.
They are ready to reach out and grab hold of the world.
And when they do, I will be there, loudly applauding for her with my old man hands.

I’m in a Space Jam.

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Livin’ La Vida Taco.

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We question the burrito.
It is the most guarded of the Tex Mex family.
The stuffing can be a secret.
Is it beef or bean?
Is there some kind of mystery meat?
You can’t tell because all that you see is the tortilla…the exterior.
Not so, the taco!
You can see what it’s made of by simply looking!
It’s crystal clear cuisine.
Don’t live a burrito life.
Be a taco.
Burritos are wrapped up in themselves.
And so they close themselves off.
They don’t reveal who they are until it’s too late and life takes a bite out of them.
And they suddenly and sadly lose their filling in a violent and embarrassing fashion.
Poor burrito.
Not so, the taco!
Tacos are open and honest.
“Hey! Look here, I’m full of beans!”
It’s messy, but that’s the risk that comes with living wide open.
Sometimes things get sloppy.
But, that’s okay.
You don’t have to apologize for being cheesy when people know it’s been there all along.
Be a taco, but, be a soft shell taco!
Sometimes, we live a hard shell life.
Life get crunchy.
But living with no flexibility can cause you to end up in broken pieces on the plate.
Stay soft.
Be a taco…a beautiful soft shell taco with all the things that make you deliciously interesting on display.

An Ode à la Mode to Pi Day.

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I’m the kind of guy
Who really likes pie.
I could eat it 314 different and delicious ways.
I could consume it on summer and winter days.
I like blueberry, apple, snozberry, or sweet potato pie.
I’m completely crazy about key lime, I even like shoo fly.
I like Frito chili pie, pot pie, fried pie, pecan and shepherds pie, my oh my!!
Pie is a magical word, it can make any word sound tasty, even kidney pie.
I really just like pie!
I’m that kind of guy.


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Wasted away again on Daylight Savings Time,
Searchin’ for my lost hour of sweet sleep.
Most people claim that there’s a politician to blame,
So we spring forward like sluggish sheep.

Don’t know the reason,
It always happens this season,
With nothing to show but new bags under my eyes.
Call me a fool, a sleep deprived tool,
But trying to save sunshine,
Just doesn’t seem wise.