Renaissance Man.

Posted: September 22, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland., Uncategorized


We have watched hours of fixer upper shows on TV.
They usually involve an ugly old house and an attractive young couple.
They take place in exotic locations like Waco.
They go into the house and they fix it up, they make it usable and desirable again.
They slap new paint on the walls and install big shiny bathtubs in the master bathroom.
It’s fun to watch things get fixed.
Everything looks so new.
BUT, it’s not…
It’s the same old house/foundation with new paint and fixtures.
Over the years, I’ve prayed countless times that God would “fix me” when I have become aware of my brokenness.
It feels like I need some new paint.
I need to be fixed up.
I’ve also asked God to magically fix a situation or a relationship.
It needs fixing.
I’ve been praying those same old prayers about my new fight…
Fix me Lord.
But, here is what I have learned…
God doesn’t “fix” things.
He is not a “fixer upper”.
God makes things new.
Totally, completely brand new.
He renews.
He reawakens.
He brings rebirth.
I’ve been told that remission is the goal.
It’s a good goal.
It means that the disease is gone.
We are working towards that.
But, here is what I’ve come to realize…

Remission is awesome.

But it’s not enough.
I want renaissance.
I don’t want to be fixed.
I want all things to be made new.
I’m contending for a reawakening of body, soul, imagination, and purpose.
My Doctor can take me to remission, but only the ONE who gave me life can give me new life.
Here is what I’m learning…
God doesn’t want to fix me.
He wants to make me new.
I’m not a fixer upper,
I am total renewal.
My perspective is so very limited when I approach my Creator with MY ideas about healing.
When I realize that God is all about making me new, It allows me to trust Him with what new looks like.
That is where my faith gets stretched.
That is also where I discover renaissance.
No matter where I land on the other side of this journey, I will be NEW!
I trust…
The God who makes ALL things NEW.
The God of renaissance.
The God of rebirth.
The God who is making me a true renaissance man.

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