Posted: March 28, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


We have a toy that has set unused in our house for about a year and a half.

That has broken my heart.

It’s a rocking horse Bullseye from Toy Story.
We got it for our granddaughter, the amazing Moonpie.
I was just sure it would instantly become her favorite toy, because I love Toy Story.
She wanted nothing to do with it.
She was frightened by Bullseye.
I didn’t understand it, he’s really not intimidating, he’s ridiculously cute and cuddly.
She would purposely walk around the room to avoid him.
It’s became a thing where every time she was at our house we asked her “are you going to ride Bullseye today?” and she would quickly and loudly chirp “no!”
Until today…
My awesome Mom and amazing Sister are in town.
We were all hanging out in Bullseye’s corral, otherwise known as the living room.
My sister, Hope, was acting like she was riding Bullseye.
Don’t think I haven’t tried this!
Sometimes it just takes the right person to make things click!
The Moonpie also drew support from another Disney character…
Her current favorite princess, Moana.
This was the day, decked out in one of her two Moana costumes that she bravely saddled up.
She blazed a brave trail.
It’s been a crazy week, my back has been hurting bad. My brain has been foggy and I just haven’t gotten enough rest.
I prepare to saddle up next week in a chair that’s not nearly as cute as Bullseye.
I start a gnarly new round of chemotherapy.
On Monday and Tuesday I will sit in the chair for eight hours both days.
Pray for me.
I know I can do this because I’ve watched other people do the same thing.
I’m also thinking about wearing my Buzz Lightyear costume.

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