Posted: January 6, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


Not too long after the discovery of my belly bully, a announcement came out that another man had been diagnosed with cancer. He is a very successful man in some shared circles, so it was a big deal. No details were shared, no type or treatment were made public. Then a few weeks later it was announced that the man had been declared cancer free, again no additional info.

Pretty simple story.
It made me wonder why can’t my story be that short, sweet, and simple?
It seems that nothing has been simple on this journey.
Maybe you feel the same way…your life is anything but simple.
You have a thousand moving pieces.
Life has sharp, jagged edges.
Why can’t things be simpler?
Why can’t things be easier?
I’ve thought about that…
My simple answer is this: I don’t know!
As far as I can see…
Complicated creates a bigger classroom.
You learn more from complicated than simple.
You learn more from hard than easy.
You learn from pain than pleasure.
It kinda sucks, but it seems to be true.
Complicated creates more stories if you are willing to share them.
Simplicity can diminish discovery.
Complicated creates a circle of friends who carry their own complications.
Sometimes life is simple…
Thank God for that.
Sometimes life is anything but simple…
Thank God for that.

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