Living in the middle of a Hallelujah.

Posted: October 4, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


I have a long history of Hallelujah. 

Hallelujah is a beautiful, vibrant, living word.

It’s a word that you can’t limit or pin down. 

It’s a seven layer dip of thankfulness. 

It can mean glory, or huzzah, or giddy up. 

It is an otherworldly word that musically communicates the thought…

“WOW! Look what God did!”

I have a history of Hallelujah.

From the beginning minutes of my life when Doctors didn’t expect me to live more than twenty four hours, but my Creator had other plans.


To the countless times, that I’ve been on the edge of destruction and I’ve been held in the strong grip of love. 


To the crazy times, that a BIG God has used a little man, and caused some wild dreams to come true.


To…NOW,  when I find myself walking in the middle of my latest Hallelujah. 

It’s not easy, there are challenges that I’ve never faced. There is pain. There is uncertainty.

But, I carry my history of Hallelujah and I refer to it often. 

I know that my life has been highlighted by Hallelujah. 

My story screams Glory. 

This latest fight will be my Hallelujah.

After all, I am a walking, talking Hallelujah. 

I’m proof that…

God is good.

He has a wild imagination.

He isn’t finished. 


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