The Unicorn Stomp.

Posted: October 6, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


My granddaughter, the amazing Moonpie, walks like a unicorn.

It’s true.

Instead of just walking, she does a hop-bop-dance-trot thing.
It’s how she gets places.
She is stylishly mobile.
It’s so much fun to watch.
She moves like she really can’t wait to get where she is going!
She can’t contain herself in her pursuit of what’s next!
She walks like there is fun right around the corner.
She bounces, because after all there are sights to see.
Surely there are great wonders to behold!
I love her walk.
It’s real life magic.
It’s the unicorn stomp.
It’s not a graceful walk.
Sometimes, she wobbles and falls.
Sometimes, she turns around in mid stride. Sometimes she stops everything just to hop a bit, or dance a lot.
It’s not calculated or choreographed.
It’s a reaction to the road that she is on.
She is easily distracted and always ready to stop and say howdy to a potential new friend.
There is frequent celebration. She stops to clap for herself. She makes crazy facial expressions and laughs loud.
Discovery is just as  important as destination.
Perception determines direction.
My Granddaughter is teaching me how to walk again.
I’m wobbly and not graceful.
That’s not stopping me.
I want to do the unicorn stomp.
I want to walk with anticipation of something good right around the corner.
I want to bounce toward wonder.

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