Can I get that to go?

Posted: July 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

So, after a late night watching Shark Week, I started my Monday at the Doctors office with a lunchtime treat of some fluids, anti-nausea juice, and other assorted cancer fighting cocktails pumping into my unchiseled chest. 

I have had enough fluids to fill Lake Erie in the last few days. The result of this is the fact that I suddenly have the bladder of a baby hamster, I have to go pee like every 47 seconds. 

I’m realizing how important hydration is, maybe that’s why Jesus made such a big deal about living water. 

Stay hydrated kids! 

After some time in the big comfy chair, it was time to leave and just like my favorite Chinese restaurant, the Oncology clinic sent me home with a to go platter (without the egg roll). I have a lovely pump attached to me. It is pumping 3 different chemo drugs into my body. It is housed in a case that looks like a semi-stylish European man bag. 

It has been  a little awkward getting used to having a dude purse attached to my chest. It makes normal everyday things like the bathroom, bedtime, and ballroom dancing a little tricky. But, I’m getting used to it. I’m imagining that the pump is a top secret attaché that holds classified documents essential to the survival of the free world. So I’ve been trying to be stealthy despite the fact that I’m in a medication induced stupor. 

I know I’ve probably watched entirely too many spy movies. But, I’m happy to report that the package is safe. 

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