Owner of a Stretchy Heart.

Posted: July 25, 2018 in Uncategorized


“When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants.” – Nacho Libre

when you are a man, sometimes you realize you have a stretchy heart.
That is what has happened to me lately.
I thought my heart was full…
I have a beautiful wife who is my best friend. Over the years we have learned that intimacy is so much more than a physical act in the dark. It is the ongoing act of caring and covering through the good and bad times. 
I have an amazing daughter and son in law. 
I have the sweetest little Moonpie granddaughter EVER! 
I have a phenomenal family and incredible friends.
I even have a ornery Hound dog who has an embarrassing sleep apnea issue. 
My heart was full.
But in the last few weeks, it has grown like a pair of stretchy pants.
Today is my birthday, instead of cake I have a magic juice box attached to my suddenly 53 year old body. 
I HAVE gotten so many amazing birthday greetings today.
THANK YOU so much!!
You’ve stretched my heart! 
My heart has stretched immeasurably in the last few weeks because of the reaction to our fight against the belly bully.
People from every intersection of my story have poured out so much love.
We’ve received a literal outpouring of prayers, kind words, offers to cook a meal or clean a room, and some really fun gifts.
It has stretched my heart.
A few weeks ago, some dear friends asked if they could start a gofundme for us. They recognized a need and they wanted to help. We have been truly blown away by the response! Words can truly not express the appreciation that we have for this load being lifted.
It has stretched my heart.
Each act of kindness has stretched my heart in ways that I could never imagine.
I have grown in appreciation of goodness and mercy. 
It feels like my capacity for loving and being loved has grown. 
I have come to see that there  will be times when we either carry or we are carried, nobody gets through this journey alone.
This pirate has truly recognized the treasure of love and friendship.
I’m humbled.
I’m honored to call each of you my friends.
I’m the owner of a stretchy heart.
Many people have asked me how I feel…
Sick? Nauseous? Tired?
The honest answer is that I feel loved…
Very, very loved. 

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