Posted: July 23, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


This is the first day of our vacation.
We have been planning it for a while.
We are supposed to be at Myrtle Beach.
I had gotten a brand new leopard print speedo.
I’ve been working on my farmer’s tan.
We’ve gone to the beach during this same week for a few years.
It’s a tradition.
We get sand in every crack and crevice as we sit on the beach and soak up the sun. We eat overpriced seafood. We do all the touristy stuff, especially anything piratical!
But, instead of sitting in a beach chair with a Bahama Mama, I will be sitting in a cushy plastic chair with life giving poison coursing through my veins.
I will be wearing my new speedo.
It would be a shame for it to go to waste!
It’s our vacation and we find ourselves restricted.
We find ourselves on chemocation.
We have hit a detour.
But we have found that God is in the detours.
As a lifelong daydreamer, my natural inclination when hit with detours is to take the exit ramp to the nation of imagine.
That is what I choose to do now.
My imagination is wild and free and untouched by disease.
In my imagination I’m unrestricted.
I imagine myself sitting in the white sand next to my bride, surrounded by palm trees, there’s a cool breeze on our faces and colorful beverages with paper umbrellas in our hands. Someone is playing steel drums in the distance. We talk like pirates and laugh like children.
It is good here in the nation of imagine.
God is here.

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