A Technicolor Photo Essay of my day.

Posted: July 20, 2018 in Uncategorized


The waiting room at my Oncologist. The surf pictures are very soothing! I got another round of fluids and steroids. The big concern the next few days is tumor lysis, which happens when the tumors react to the treatment by dumping their contents into the blood system. This could result in acute liver damage. You ever notice there is nothing cute about the word acute? We are battling this with extra fluids and raging steroids this weekend.

Echocardiogram! The only thing we learned so far is that I do have a heart. I do have ultrasound goop on my chullet!
My view for a little while today.
My amazing reading material today. It fed and stretched my soul.
And finally, I got to see this sweet and sassy Moonpie (and her supercool mother).

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