My Chauffeur.

Posted: July 20, 2018 in Uncategorized


Diana has been my constant companion on this unexpected road trip. She has been my cheerleader, coach, and chauffeur.

Technically she has been my driver for 27 years now.
If you’ve caught us riding dirty together you’ve probably noticed that she was driving.
Some people have assumed that I don’t drive, probably because of my height or predisposition to distraction.
But, Let me set the record straight…I DO drive!!
Diana just drives better.
I recognize that.
I celebrate that.
I enjoy the ride.
I learned to drive in a cow pasture, that’s a whole different set of traffic rules…”watch out for Bessie!”
I took out 25 feet of barbed wire fence right after I got my permit.
I flunked my drivers license test 2 times, I only passed it the 3rd time because the state appointed tester was sick of seeing my face and he liked my dad.
I have no depth perception so I am always too close or too far away.
My driving literally makes Diana physically ill.
So Diana is my beautiful forever chauffeur, especially in days like these when we are bopping around between doctor’s offices and hospitals.
I appreciate it so much.
Some people have actually asked me don’t I realize that the man is supposed to drive?
That’s stupid.
27 years ago, when I told Diana to get out of my dreams and into my car, I gladly scooted over.
On days like this, I’m so glad I did.

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