DUDE! Your face looks like an old tree!!

Posted: May 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

Diana and me just spent a couple of days in Savannah, Georgia.

It wasn’t long enough!

It is an amazingly beautiful city full of story and flavor. We made some new friends and ate some good food.
We took a trolley tour around the cobble stone streets and we learned an incredible amount of information about this amazing coastal city.
Our tour guide was an older gentleman in khaki shorts and big tortoise eyeglasses.
I think his name was Carl, he was originally from Ohio. He moved to Georgia when he retired.
He told us stories about the buildings and statues and recommended some good places to eat seafood. We saw revolutionary war cannons, the church where Martin Luther King Jr first preached his “I have a dream” sermon, AND the place where they filmed the opening scene of Forest Gump. We ate at the Pirate House.
Savannah is a visually stunning place. Between the colonial homes, city squares, and rivers there is so much to see.
There are huge, beautiful, stocky oak trees everywhere! Some are centuries old. The mighty oaks have funky vegetation hanging off their limbs like cheap brown and green curtains.
It’s Spanish Moss.
Carl the tour guide explained that the British started calling the draping plants “Spanish Moss” because the Spaniards had long pointy beards.
Then he looked right at me, cleared his throat, and said, “THAT wasn’t a compliment.”
Um…thanks dude!

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