Happy Stomp.

Posted: March 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Finding your place can be really hard, there is no doubt.
It seems like someone is always trying to push you out.
Maybe it’s time to finally stand your ground.
Dig in hard and make a wild delirious sound.
Something is stronger than the bully that makes your life sour.
Joy is meant to be your not-so-secret super power.
So, stop! collaborate and glisten…
Choose joy and make it your mission.
Lift a foot and let loose with a big happy stomp!
C’mon! Make a loud, rowdy, clumsy soul clomp!
Turn your cage into a wide open dance floor.
And happy stomp until the bullies are no more.
Don’t worry about being pretty or full of grace,
Be yourself, laugh, live, love, take your place.
Lift a foot and let loose with a big happy stomp!


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