Pinocchio and the Art of being Real.

Posted: March 4, 2018 in Uncategorized


I watched Pinocchio with my granddaughter the other day. To be honest, the Moonpie slept through most of it. But, it gave me an excuse to watch an old favorite. It also gave me a chance to relearn some old lessons about what it means to be a real boy.
We weren’t created by the kind inventor to be puppets. He dearly loves us and gave us the gift of choice and the ability to wish upon a star and see dreams come true.
We were made to be real.
But we get led down some wrong roads.
We set out with an apple and the best of intentions.
But, we get sidetracked and led astray by smooth talking, wily foxes.
We find ourselves moving to the beat of the evil puppet master.
We make jackasses out of ourselves as we endlessly search for Pleasure Island.
It’s a whale of a tale and it can make life seem pretty wooden.
Oh Pinocchio…
What is the secret to being real?
Well, it’s as clear as the nose on your face…
Be brave, truthful, unselfish, and always listen to your conscience.
That is the road to real.
There will be temptations and tests.
Give a little whistle and cut the strings!
Don’t be a puppet!
Be brave.
Be truthful.
Be unselfish.
And, always let your conscience be your guide.
Be real.

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