Sweet Moonpie Dreams.

Posted: September 29, 2017 in Uncategorized



I’m holding a sleeping Moonpie in my arms.
After fighting it, my granddaughter has finally given into deep slumber. (Why does she fight sleep? Doesn’t she realize it’s awesome?)
She is close enough that I feel her warm breath on my face.
She smiles in her sleep, and I wonder is it gas or is she dreaming…
And if she IS dreaming, what, in the world, does a 5 month old Moonpie dream about?
Big bottles?
Her Mom’s smiles?
Does she dream about dogs in pink tutus dancing the foxtrot, or her Dad bellyflopping into a kiddie pool full of marshmallow cream?
Does she dream of polka dotted dinosaurs playing happy syncopated ukulele music?
Or are her formula fueled dreams about crawling away to faraway places inhabited by talking mice in big yellow shoes?
What are the sweetest sweet dreams that the Moonpie dreams?
I’m left to wonder.
I DO know what I dream of when I find sleep…
I dream of big adventure with a little Moonpie.
They are the sweetest of dreams.

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