October is Magic.

Posted: October 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Yes, my friends, October is true Magic! Here are 20 reasons why…

20. The leaves become the world’s greatest acrobatic artists as they change colors and fall to the ground with the greatest of ease.
19. It’s good itchy fun to lose yourself in a corn maze.
18. You get the chance to watch the Thriller video a couple hundred times.
17. The scrumptious peanut butter taffy with waxy orange and black paper wrappers.
16. It’s chilly enough that you can wear big sloppy sweatshirts, but it’s not too cold that you can’t still wear cargo shorts.
15. Cobwebs become a decoration.
14. EVERYthing, from pop tarts to poodles, gets pumpkin spiced.
13. Two words…candy corn.
12. It’s perfectly acceptable for adults to wear capes.
11. The heated debate begins about: “is it a stocking hat, beanie or toboggan?”
10. You can watch NASCAR, Football, AND Hockey all on the SAME day!!!
9. The word “seasonal” gets redefined on a daily basis.
8. It’s a great excuse to eat chili.
7. Groucho Marx, St. Francis, John Lennon, and Minnie Pearl were all born in October.
6. Suddenly, it’s cool to dress like a lumberjack with a thick flannel shirt.
5. Your lawn becomes crunchy.
4. Oktoberfest.
3. Coffee tastes EVEN more delicious than usual!
2. happysocktober.com – check out this BEAUTIFUL idea for making and helping friends!!
1. Because, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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