King George

Posted: August 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

Once upon a time, there was a slightly irregular King who tried to tell us what to do…
He was a mad monarch.
A tyrant with serious control issues and an ego that was big enough to cross an ocean.
He tried to tell our founding fathers (and mothers) how to live, act, think and believe.
They didn’t respond well.
It turns out that those immigrants had a bit of an independent streak.
A group of regular rebels threw up their rock fists and shouted, “we’re not gonna take it!”
There was a fight.
King George tried to get his subjects to submit.
The colonial crew refused to be treated as subjects or objects or anything less than “created equal”. Although, sadly and tragically, it took a while for EVERYbody to be considered a part of the “created equal” equation, but I digress…
Tea was thrown, shots were fired, and revolution brought freedom. That is what rightly constructed revolution does…
It unleashes freedom.
We live on the other side of that battle.
We thought it was over.
But, History always has a warning label.
Mistakes are repeated, mad monarchs take up residence in our lives.
We didn’t realize that he’d be back.
We thought Georgie was in his grave.
But he makes a comeback, demanding allegiance, telling us how to live, act, think, and believe.
We all face our own King George.
The wrong things occupy the throne in our lives.
We will feel the bitter soul sting, when we live with the wrong king. (That intentionally rhymes!)
Maybe it’s time to dethrone.
Maybe it’s time to lead a rebellion against the things that limit your freedom.
The thugs or things that make you feel fearful, or alienated, or like you don’t matter.
The tyrants and bullies have no place or space in your life.
It’s time…
Spill some tea, make some noise, turn over some tables, throw up your rock fist and shout “we’re not gonna take it!”
Who or what is your King George?
Who or what do you need to dethrone?
Sometimes, you need to revolt because you find yourself revolting. Self righteousness and arrogance are good reasons for a revolution.
Step off the throne of me.
In the face of fear, pride, prejudice and despair…
Rebel with joy,
Rebel with love,
Rebel with hope.
Lead a properly constructed revolution against the things that limit your freedom.
Then stand back and say…

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