Dinosaur Disc.

Posted: August 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

I think I know why Tyrannosaurus Rex were cranky.
It was because their little T-Rex arms hurt!
The Tyrannosaurus Rex was a large, carnivorous super lizard!
You would think that he would be unstoppable, that nothing would be beyond his reach.
But, sadly this is not the case. Because of his ridiculously unproportionate arms, there was ALOT he couldn’t do.
Think about it…
There are no T-Rex selfies!
They couldn’t scratch their feet! (This alone would bum me out!)
They couldn’t slow clap.
They were terrible at ping pong.
They couldn’t give a decent high five (this fact alone is why the T-Rex got an undeserved reputation for being unfriendly).
I imagine that their arms were pretty sore.
I feel their pain.
I discovered last week that I have a dinosaur disc in my neck.
Evidently part of my spine has gone the way of the dinosaur…dust.
I have a disintegrated disc.
And, it REALLY hurts my little arms.
They have been hurting all summer.
This has been the summer of the sting.
I’ve been trying to get comfortable for three months.
I tried to figure out what was going on.
I blamed my pain on a lot of things.
It turns out it was the dinosaur disc all along.
I went to an awesome chiropractor who used some crazy tools on my body.
He used some blades that looked like samurai ginseng knives to knead my muscles.
He used a power tool that looked like a sander. It gave me cool purple bruises.
He used the same cups on my back that Michael Phelps uses. This is yet ANOTHER thing that Mr. Phelps and I have in common, for example: we both can rock a speedo and neither of us have ever swam with sharks.
My amazing chiropractor’s treatment helped almost every other body part, but…
my arms still hurt.
So, he took X-rays.
And THAT is when he saw IT!
In amongst my future fossils, he discovered the dinosaur disc.
It’s not fun.
But, it is a relief just to be able to give my pain a name.
It’s always nice to know what you are dealing with, so you can actually deal with it!
I have an appointment to see a neuro-dinosaur hunter soon.
It can’t get here soon enough.
I want the pain to be extinct.
Until then, I will stomp around like a slightly cranky T-Rex looking for a comfortable place to rest my angry little arms.
I’m just glad I can still scratch my own feet.

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