An open letter to Taylor Swift.

Posted: August 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Dear Taylor,
I write you as a dad, I’m the father of a daughter that is just a few years younger than you.
I respect your artistry, your story telling ability and what appears to be a genuine concern for your fans.
You have had your share of success, but it also seems you have had your share of pain. I’m sorry about that. It truly sucks that you have encountered hurters and haters. The world can be a hard place and I’m sure that it’s even harder when you are living in the harsh gaze of the public eye.
You have turned your pain into poetry, that is a beautiful thing when it evolves into a story of hope.
But, please don’t live in the land of bad blood.
Revenge is the sickest of beats.
It is never satisfied.
It sucks the joy and fun out of life.
I’m concerned about you.
Look what you’ve made me do…
I’m reaching out to say, as a dad, that you are more than your hurt, you are even more than your art.
Please hear my heart, if I’m way off base, please forgive me and ignore my words.
I pray that you would know the incomparable freedom of forgiveness. Don’t allow those who have slighted you hold you captive. Don’t let them continue to offend you. It’s a choice.
People throw rocks at things that shine, but you DON’T have to pick the rocks up.
Forgiveness makes you fearless.
It makes you stronger than the hurters.
Turn pain into poetry, turn scars into story, but then…shake it off.
I’m praying that you would rediscover the pure childlike joy of creating stuff that is fun.
Keep dreaming.


a dad.


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