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Hope is a tangible thing that can change the world.
Hope is also a name for a girl.
Hope is my sister.
She has changed our world.

You probably wouldn’t instantly identify us as siblings. She is tall, and beautiful, and Korean.
I’m short, beautiful in my own special way, and quite white.
She is my sister, always has been, always will be.
Our bond is deeper than biology.

Hope has long been the responsible one, She went to a serious school and got a super legit job. She is the youngest in our family, but she takes care of the rest of us. She has countlessly blessed and bailed out the rest of the tribe that she was chosen to be a part of.
She takes care, without fanfare.
She is constantly looking for ways to make things better, without making a big deal.
But sometimes the unnoticed gets pointed out in the most unexpected ways.
Sometimes you get a sweet kiss from Jesus, you get a sacred shoutout.
My granddaughter was born a little over a week ago.
When a baby is born, there is always a mad scramble to ascribe physical attributes.
“Awwww, she has her Daddy’s nose…”
“She looks just like her grandma…”
But, when Henley made her big earthly entrance, it was undeniable…
She was beautiful.
She looked Asian.
She looked a whole lot like her great aunt Hope, which I think is pretty great.
It’s proof that God’s paintbrush is not limited by race, He can honor with any hue that He choses to.
it’s proof that God who is manifest goodness keeps track of the goodness that we quietly unleash and unloose in the lives of others.
Godly imitation removes earthbound limitation.
It’s also proof that God is ridiculously creative and He really likes my sister.
I think it’s proof in diapers that the Creator wants to honor Hope for the generosity and love she have shown ALL of her family.

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