We need new eyes.

Posted: April 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

As I look into my granddaughter’s face, I realize that she has never known comparison.
At this point in her life, She has never been made to feel like she is anything less than beautiful.
She has never been told that she is unworthy or not enough.
She is priceless.
I know the day is coming when she will be made to feel less, and that breaks my heart. She will encounter comparison and criticism.
We will protect her for as long as we can, but we live in a world with broken ideas about worth.
So today, I look into her new eyes and I’m lost in the miracle. I’m awestruck by the perfectness.
She makes her grandfather’s heart dance.
I wonder if part of being “born again” is rediscovering our original beauty and recognizing our incomparable worth and dignity.
Once upon a time we didn’t know comparison.
We were enough.
Maybe, it’s time to realize that we are priceless.
We are perfect.
When comparison is taken out of the equation, perfection is attainable for all of us.
You are the perfect you. You have never been done before.
In the last few days, I’ve become reacquainted with the matchless miracle of life.
God creates and calls it good.
It is priceless and beautiful.
Don’t second guess that.
Get lost in the miracle.
That is what makes the Father’s heart dance.

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