The Sweet Prodigal Son(s) Suite.

Posted: April 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

“Once there was a way,
To get back homeward.
Once there was a way
To get back home.”

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Fun Bobby who wanted to live and really wanted to party.
He wanted to make it big. he was confident, he knew it all, he thought he was a real smarty.
If only he could get out of his house, if only he could escape his home town.
There was big fun to be had, friends to be made, and great adventure to be found.
So, he went straight to his father who had always been super supportive.
He was hoping for an early inheritance, that only Dad could freely give.
He rehearsed a speech and took a haughty stance…
He said…”Hey yo Pop, you are pretty much dead to me,
So give me what I want now , and let me run loose.”
As you can imagine, this broke his Dad’s heart in more than 427 different ways.
But Dad truly loved his son and he prayed this was just a stupid phase.
So the father made sure that Fun Bobby got his share.
In the shadows, his big brother whined “hmmmppth, that’s not fair!”
And so…
Fun Bobby quickly left Kansas in the rear view mirror without hesitation.
He headed for the BIG city, in search of ladies, liberty and libation.
He made lots and lots of friends, because he made the money rain.
He didn’t stop to realize that everything was slowly going down the drain.
His big dream was to be a famous hip hop superstar,
To drop sick beats as he drove a fast sports car.
But, alas this was not meant to be,
For, he had no poetic skills you see.
He couldn’t rhyme, he couldn’t even beatbox.
His singing voice sounded like a wounded fox.

Each night, in the club, he got up on stage.
Swinging like he was next up in a batting cage.

Striking a pose, He would clear his throat as loud as you please,
and say in a squeaky voice that reminded people of wet cheese:

“I’m Bobby from Kansas and I’m here to say…
I’m gonna rock the mic like a newborn goat”

Nobody knew what that meant AND it didn’t rhyme.
He was booed off the stage in record time.

It seems like the party was over fast,
His fast lane dreams were out of gas.

He spent ALL his money on banana popsicles and cheap boxed wine.
He eventually found himself in a foul smelling pigpen of his own design.
It’s really hard to soar with the eagles when you hang out with the swine.

It seems, Fun Bobby just wasn’t fun anymore,
Without all the money, he was just a big bore.

But, then Bobby had a thought…a most desperate, hope filled thought…
My Dad’s employees eat regularly and they all have a lot more than I’ve got.
Maybe, Just maybe, I can just work for him and get a brand new start.
He owes me nothing, I was the punk who stomped on his heart.
And so…
He turned his heart toward home and he ran there.
He didn’t stop or slow down, he knew he didn’t dare.

Not sure what to find, but willing to take a chance.
He rehearsed a speech and took a humble stance…

The father was waiting, watching for Bobby to return.
He ran so hard to greet his son that his legs began to burn.

He threw his arms around Bobby and joyfully jumped up and down.
Instead of a browbeating, he got a bear hug that left him unwound.

Dad decided it was time to celebrate.
“Let’s party!! There’s no time to wait…
Breakout the mirrored ball, piñata and delicious barbecue…”
Dad shouted “My son was dead, but now he’s brand new!!”
FINALLY, Bobby realized that the party was at home all along.
He found TRUE fun, he still couldn’t rhyme, but he found his song.

Then word got out that Bob’s big brother was mad, he felt cheated.
He pouted, “It’s not fair that Dad throws a party for him, I’ve been mistreated”.
The brother was proof that you can leave home without ever walking out the door.
He was a judgmental party pooper who felt like he always deserved more.
Big brother was the owner of a Prodigal heart that never learned how to dance.
And sadly, he missed out on the big party altogether because of his hateful stance.
Once upon a time, there was a man named Fun Bobby who discovered how to live and FINALLY found the party.
He came alive when he rediscovered a father’s love that was unconditional, unending, strong, happy and hearty.
And so…
Once there was a way to get back home for all the prodigals and posers.

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