Space Boy Roy

Posted: May 1, 2017 in Uncategorized


Roy was an astronaut whose feet never, ever left the ground.

He had all the right stuff, he seemed to be sound.
But, he let the wrong stuff take up space in his crowded mind.
He was stuck in a worry warp that made orbit impossible to find.

He worried about space, how would he know when he got there?
What would he eat? would there be enough air?
He worried about tomorrow, he regretted his past and was cautious about today.
Isolation was the safest bet, get locked in the space ship and stay.

He wondered about his space suit, did it look cool, did it fit just right?
What if he sneezed with his helmet shut? That would surely be a snotty sight!!

Instead of dancing in moon dust, he just jumped to conclusions.
Instead of starry eyed dreams he fed his fearful, odd delusions.
It so sad that insecurity caused him to have zero zero gravity.
He fretted and fussed about things that never came to be.

Fear and worry are both really such a complete scam,
They can twist you and leave you in a real space jam.
Instead of a rocket man, Roy was just a rocking chair kind of guy.
Moving all the time, without actually ever going anywhere. He never got to fly.

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