Inappropriate stuff.

Posted: April 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

There are certain completely inappropriate things that you should do on a daily basis,
It’s completely medicinal, You can help yourself maintain a healthy and happy homeostasis.

For an uncomfortable buzz in your belly, drink something fizzy and let out a loud throaty burp.
Also, if you eat some delicious soup, to get it all, you might have to occasionally awkwardly slurp.

And when you do burp, make it count! Own it! Be proud!
Play “name that food”! Break forth in belch long and loud!

If you hold in your gas, it’s a scientific fact that you will likely explode.
So let it go!! FYI, a crowded elevator is a real fun place to download.

If you get a chance, it’s always fun to spit on the ground or in a ditch.
You should always take time to sit and scratch your feet if they itch.

Maybe your finger is the exact same size as your nostril for a very good reason.
But, just know, you should carefully practice some discretion during flu season.

Laugh so hard that something comes flying right out of your nose,
By the way, Chocolate milk is preferred for this practice, I suppose.

Realize that your body makes some obnoxious noises strictly for entertainment purposes.
Celebrate that!! Let it rip and laugh it off, especially in serious settings and services.

Remember, live with a little spark of madness.
If able, try hard to boycott perpetual sadness.
If you really live, you are going to offend somebody.
Don’t let that keep you from living loud, crazy or kinda gaudy.

There are certain completely inappropriate things that you should do on a daily basis,
Learning to laugh at yourself, while celebrating who you are can be refreshing like an oasis.

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