The Fantastical Food Truck.

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No one was really sure where Captain Cornelius Kaleidoscope came from. He just showed up one day when we needed him the most. He drove into the Shadowlands in an old short school bus that he had converted into a fantastical food truck. It was bright orange and painted in purple across the side were the words “Kaleidoscope’s traveling eatery and emporium of wild wonder”. He pulled up and parked it in a vacant lot near the abandoned corn syrup factory one day (it was a Tuesday if memory serves), then he opened up the side concession window and started serving up waffles and falafels, corndogs and chili buns and MORE!!
He also served up wild wonder and fresh whimsy, things that had long ago disappeared from the Shadowlands.
No matter if people ordered funnel cakes or cheese fries, everybody got a heaping helping of wonder.
That looked different for every customer. Because, Captain Kaleidoscope customized the curiosity. One person would get a story about knights and princesses, another would get a song about silly pirates. There were hula hoop exhibitions and belching contests, spontaneous dance parties, and one time the Captain played the accordion with his feet for mean Mr. Muggle. Folks say that it was the first time that Mr. Muggle had smiled in over 37 years.
Captain Kaleidoscope was a wild eyed purveyor of a pure wonder that changed everything. It ignited hope.
Of course, it made no sense…
It was strange and silly. But we learned to not lose the WOW by asking HOW. We realized that some things are just meant to leave you breathless.
Something chunky and happy was happening…it was almost like light was breaking through the cracks in the clouds and the Shadowlands were changing.
Along with serving quite possibly the worlds best fried bologna sandwich, Captain Kaleidoscope showed us that wonder and whimsy show up everyday in the smallest and strangest and biggest and boldest ways.

This is hardly an exhaustive list, but You can find wonder and whimsy in:
• The smell of new crayons and old books
• running barefoot through a mud puddle.
• tacos.
• sunsets.
• the laughter of a toddler.
• a cup of hot cocoa with miniature marshmallows.
• a new pair of socks.
• a song by Stevie Wonder.
• space, the final frontier.
• eating jello with your hands.
• banjo music.
• puppy breath.
• holding the hand of a loved one as they pack a suitcase for a place none of us have ever been.

Wonder really is like a kaleidoscope. It looks different for everyone. The shapes of whimsy are ever changing. Even, in the darkest places, a little light can unleash the most magnificent colors.

Then, one day (it was a Thursday if memory serves), when the shadows had left the Shadowlands, Captain Kaleidoscope quietly packed up the orange food truck and moved on. Without fanfare or farewell, He just headed down the road leaving a trail of powdered sugar. We suspected that he was in search of more hungry people.
People who were hungry for hoagies.
People who were hungry for hope.

We were never the same. We gained a few pounds and we had discovered joy.
It was there all along.
Wonder had won.

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