Fight the Nothingness.

Posted: March 30, 2017 in Uncategorized


Hey dear one!! Look out, look out…
There are identity thieves lurking about.
Culture, comparison, criticism…
can create a personality schism.
They sneak in and suddenly demand your attention.
Then they cause more damage than I care to mention.

They try to suck all of the SOMETHING right out of you.
I wish I were making this up, but sadly and madly it’s true.
They lie and steal and try to leave you a BIG NOTHING.
BUT, Oh no!! that’s not you…you are undeniably SOMETHING!!

Stand firm, hold on tight to your wonderful somethingness.
Don’t let anything or anyone convince you that you are LESS.
Learn to live comfortable in your own skin.
Know that something great resides within.

The truly true song that we all should sing
Is that, truly, no one is never, EVER a nothing.
Every life matters, every someone counts.
There are never, EVER identity discounts.
ALL were made in the image of the maker.
Whether they live truly true or as a faker.
AND, you?
You are never, EVER a not or a nothing,
YOU, dear one, are undeniably SOMETHING!!

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