My body is a wonderland.

Posted: March 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

My body is a wonderland.

Ohh, it’s true…my body makes people wonder.
People are curious about my freakishly short legs and confused about my weird beard, I get that.
But then things get really interesting when they notice the colorful ink on my arms.
There’s just no denying it, my skin tells a story.
Right now, I have eleven tattoos.
Each one is significant to me.
There is no wasted space.
Each tattoo tells a story.
Each one signifies something that I’m passionate about, something that I have great affection for.
My Wife’s name is on my calf. I have a burning heart on my arm that symbolizes my faith. I have a Panther that is a tribute to my Dad. I have a super sweet Yoda PEZ dispenser on my leg (that one REALLY hurt, but it was worth it!).
Almost daily I have opportunity to connect with strangers and tell a story because of my arm art.

But, I’ve had other people question my heart because of my art.
They have brutally attacked me, armed with well intentioned indignation and a Bible verse from Leviticus.
(Side note: that verse in chapter 19 was speaking to a very specific cultural practice of the time that had nothing to do with the reasons most people get tattoos today, the same chapter outlaws shaving and eating a rare steak.)
The ink police have treated me like I’m a disease.
Some have forbidden their children to talk to me, like I have a contagious skin disease. (I wish I was making that up).
Their words dig deeper than any tattoo needle.

For the record, I don’t think that EVERYone should get tattooed. The beautiful thing about self expression is that it should be expressing your self in a completely unique way. That is supposed to look different on all of us. Your story looks different than mine.
The important thing is that your story gets told.
We should give each other a little space and grace.

But, I think that not only can tattoos tell story, they can teach…
We can even learn from the healing process for a tat. Healing takes a while. During the process, the art is scabby and a little puffy. Sometimes,during the healing process, you can’t really see the picture clearly. In the first few hours, it’s really hard to distinguish because it’s clouded by blood and ink.
Tattoos are art that grows on you. It’s a scar that becomes a story.
Life is like that too, healing can be a process. It takes a little time for our scars to become stories. Life is art that grows on you. Many times life is clouded and it doesn’t make sense, you can’t see the picture clearly. Give it time, healing and art and story come.
The Creator of art and expression is bringing story from scar in you.
Because, here’s the crazy thing…
In Isaiah 49:16, God says: “l have written your name on the palms of my hand”
We have a tattooed God.
The symbolism is that the Creator has engraved what He is passionate about on His hand.
The object of His greatest affection…
You are significant.
You are story.
So sit back.
This might hurt a bit.
Trust the Artist.
You’re going to have an incredible story to tell.

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