Myrtle Lauper, SPACE RANGER!

Posted: March 27, 2017 in Uncategorized


Myrtle Lauper grew up with stars in her eyes.
She loved to imagine while staring into the skies.
She would lay outside on the grass late at night,
Yearning for places that were truly out of sight.
I’m sure that now, folks have goals that are stranger,
But Myrtle daydreamed of becoming a space ranger.
She wanted to chase Jupiter in a shiny, metal ship.
Thoughts of defying gravity made her heart gleefully skip.
Myrtle would sigh and wonder, what would it be like…
To bravely explore the moon on a motorized space bike?
Sadly, Myrtle grew up stuck in a time when women were put in their place.
They cooked dinner and changed diapers and never traveled to outer space.
Myrtle raised her family with absolutely no regret.
But, her starry visions she absolutely refused to forget.
Myrtle never ever gave up star gazing.
She has always been a fan of the amazing.
She would look at the deep blue sky at night,
And lose herself in the illuminating moonlight.
She learned that imagination can defy expectations.
In your mind you can overcome the crippling limitations.
So each night, Myrtle would look up, because up is where the best dreams are found.
Just because you can’t leave doesn’t mean you have to leave your feet on the ground.
Today, Myrtle’s kids are moved out, her husband has long ago passed away.
But, she still looks up, even when she has a sad song kind of lonely day.
Even now, sweet Myrtle still likes to dream big cosmic dreams.
Age hasn’t slowed her, in fact, it’s busted out some seams.
She closes her tired eyes and dreams of a soon coming day,
When she and her dearly departed will dance on the Milky Way.

What can we learn from dear old Myrtle?
Don’t let despair wrap you up like a girdle.
Imagination has no expiration date.
Your greatest adventure might still await.
You are never too old to awaken the wonder,
To be left breathless by the music of thunder.
Your imagination can take you to faraway, unlimited places.
It’s your passport to all the unexplored, wide open spaces.
Never outgrow wonder or whimsy, never forget to dream.
Second half dreams might be the best you’ve ever seen.

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