Deep thoughts?

Posted: March 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Believe it or not, I often get accused of being shallow.
I frequently have people (even teenage people) tell me that I’m just not “deep” enough for them.
Shocking, huh?
I think it’s because I’m frequently…well…silly.
Apparently, silly is shallow.
Deep takes itself quite seriously.
Deep is somber and dignified all the time.
Deep speaks in a deep voice.
Deep requires big, confusing words (preferably in Greek or Hebrew).
Deep confounds and contains at the same time.
Deep discusses, debates, and destroys dissension .
Deep is usually really just asking for you to agree with preconceived notions.
Deep sticks to the script.
Deep makes everything controllable.
Deep fully explains everything.

But, how do you really explain the unexplainable?
How can you really fathom the deep?

Maybe…just maybe, deep isn’t what we think it is…

I don’t think deep is complicated.
I think that sometimes the deepest thing we can do is remind each other of what we already know.
We know the love of God, but there is always more to plunge into.
It is an ocean.
We can spend time in the kiddie pool of certainty and call it deep. We can try to figure everything out and only feel safe and comfortable if we can see the bottom of the pool.
That’s pretty shallow.
I have learned that If you can see the bottom, you probably aren’t where you are supposed to be.
Deep happens when our authentic self, whether it’s serious or silly or whatever, finds itself in a constant pursuit to know the love of God more and more.
Deep is an invitation to lean into what is already known, to plunge into the somber, the sacred AND the silly.
Deep is going to a place where you can’t touch the bottom and hanging out there.
Deep isn’t having or giving all the answers.
It’s knowing that there is a love that is immeasurable.
It doesn’t require perfection or big, impressive words, it just requires honesty and hunger.
Deep calls to deep.
Deep calls to us…
Get lost in the love.
Now, THAT is deep!!

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