We all fall down.

Posted: August 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

We all fall down.
This morning, I was walking (or actually trying to walk) through the office and I totally face planted! It was really sad, I was TRYING to multitask by walking AND talking to some friends at the same time, and it just proved to be too hard. I fell down. It was an ugly fall. It was an obvious fall. I couldn’t pass it off as a stumble or creative footwork or a spontaneous dance or anything. It was a fall. It’s just further public proof that I have the subtle grace of an intoxicated walrus. I was talking to my friends and somehow my feet got in the way of my progress, and I was going down. It was like slow motion…”OOOOHHHH NNOOOOO!!” Falls are always worse when there is a witness. I was left with some early morning shame and a skid mark on my knee.
We all fall down.
We all have moments when we crash, burn and face plant. Here is how I handled it this morning…I bounced. I got up. It was tempting to stay on the floor and feel sorry for myself. I could have just laid there and made strange moaning noises all day as everyone tried to work around me, instead I chose to bounce. It helps that I’m naturally bouncy. I’m built to bounce, which is good, because I’m also built to fall.
We all fall down.
Learning to fall is a super valuable life skill. Bouncing is the best way to break a fall.
We all fall down.
Be bouncy.

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