Who would be on your hat?

Posted: August 29, 2016 in Uncategorized


There’s a really cool moment in NASCAR that you can miss out on if you are in a hurry. It’s easy to miss if you don’t stick around to the end. You can’t leave or quit watching whenever the driver crosses the finish line. If you do, you can miss the magical moment.

It happens when the race is over and the winning team is in victory lane. There’s the smell of gas fumes in the air. The confetti has settled and the winning driver has been bathed in beer or Gatorade. The team comes together and strikes a pose.
And THAT is when the motorized moment happens…
Don’t miss it…
They take a big team picture. Then, they stop and put on a new hat with the logo of a different sponsor, and they take another picture. They repeat this several times. New picture, new hat, new shoutout to a sponsor.
They take ALOT of pictures!! They gather around the trophy and strike an almost identical pose each time. Big smiles, wide eyes, fist pumped in celebration. It’s the same photo almost every time.
Only the cap changes.
I’ve noticed this because I’m a big fan of headwear. I’m a cap guy.
The team swaps hats between pictures, as a visible way to acknowledge everyone who helped them get to the winners circle.
Nobody wins alone.
The driver is the one whose name gets engraved on the trophy, but he has a team behind him and the team has a owner and sponsors who pay the bills and make it all possible.
So they swap hats, it’s a symbolic way to say: we are in victory lane and YOU are with us!
It’s appreciation with a visor.
I think this would be a great everyday practice for the rest of us too.
Life is hard, but we all have moments where we win. It could be something big that is applauded, but, honestly it’s usually something small that can go unnoticed, a good choice, quality time with friends or family, some rest, a step towards realizing a dream.
We all have little opportunities to win.
But, nobody wins alone.
After your victories, small and big, stop, adjust your cap and smile. Give a shout out.
Nobody wins alone.
You have people who have invested in you. They have made it possible for you to be the best you.
Put on their cap. Call out their name.
I’m in victory lane and YOU are with me!
We get in a hurry, we leave early and we miss the magical moment. We don’t take the opportunity to recognize, to thank, to appreciate.
We need to wear gratitude like a shiny new ball cap. Right up front where everyone can see it.
So…WHO would be on YOUR hat?

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