Grace gone WILD!

Posted: August 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

True grace, the undiluted stuff, is unpredictable.
It’s wild and free…literally free!
It shows up in the sketchiest places. It hangs out with all the wrong people. You simply cannot domesticate grace. It is meant to be uncaged. It’s messy and it refuses to be sanitized. The minute that you try to control it, it becomes nothing but mostly good intentions and photo opportunities.

Grace rains.
Grace washes away the grit and the
grime and the guilt.
Grace burns and it brings beauty from the ash.
It gives out second (and fifty second) chances.
Grace doesn’t discriminate between the sinner and the saint. It generously transforms sinners into saints, it gently reminds saints that they were once sinners.
It oozes into all the cracks and crevices of real life.

Grace calls your bluff.
It sees right through you.
It lowers the velvet rope and raises the bar at the same time.
Grace doesn’t push or pound, it lifts and leads.
Grace doesn’t follow the rules. It destroys man made labels and shatters glass ceilings.
Along with its tag team partner, love, it wrestles guilt, pride, sin and hate to the mat.
Grace kicks butt.

Jesus came to earth, cracked his knuckles and opened up a bottomless can of pure grace. It’s been running wild ever since.

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