Stank Heart.

Posted: August 17, 2016 in Uncategorized


You have seen it and chances are you have made
That’s right, the symptoms are very clear: the wide,
watery eyes, the crinkled nose, the contorted mouth,
the angry eyebrows that can’t stop twitching.
It’s a look of utter disgust or blatant disapproval.
There is no denying the feelings
and thoughts.
behind it. It is the facial embodiment of
It’s the face that you make when you smell
something unbelievably foul or just REALLY
annoying. You just can’t help it! Stank is spoiled
stink. Your face does weird things when it
recognizes it
It makes for a good meme. It’s pretty clear nonverbal communication. It’s the reaction of the face when it comes in contact with stank.

You have seen it and chances are you have made
It’s the reaction of my heart when it comes in contact with inner stank.
It can happen by the way I treat or think about other people or myself. When I have thoughts of hatred, racism, insecurity, unforgiveness or bitterness, I bring the stank. It shows up when I refuse to guard my heart and I allow it to be contaminated by stank.
Anytime my attention is held by the secret, rather than the sacred, I’m inviting the stank.
When I trade the hard truth for the easy lie, stank
It’s what lurks within that causes the stank heart to react. It’s not the external stuff, it is not what I look like or what I have or have not. It’s the inner attitude that can make me stank.

Anytime I’m allowing stank to creep in and pollute, stank face happens.
It’s what it looks like when my heart, which was built to love, recoils at the stankness.
My heart was designed for higher purposes than the all too natural predispositions that, I too often give into. It was built for truth and beauty, it was wired to love and be loved. It was made to show kindness and courage.
When I live for the lower, my heart gets stank heart.
The cure for stank heart is to turn it inside out.
Inward living never leaves a mark on the outside
world. We have to get our focus off our self, we
need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. We need to live for something much bigger than ourselves.
We need to choose kindness, compassion, joy,
sacrifice. These are the things that flush out the
stank and keep the stank heart at bay.

Only you can prevent stank heart!

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