River of Dreams.

Posted: June 1, 2016 in Uncategorized


River of Dreams.
(With humble apologies to the great Billy Joel)

In the middle of the night, I go sailing in my sleep.
My sweet lady and I get onboard our pirate ship and catch the trade winds down the river of dreams.

The water is beautiful.
It is at least fourteen shades of bedazzled blue.
There are friendly dolphins swimming alongside the boat.
For some unbeknownst, yet really cool reason, they are wearing little cowboy hats.

We watch frisky unicorns run freely on the riverbank, only in my dream, the unicorns are more like Shetland ponies.
I’ve always had a soft spot for Shetland ponies.
The uniponies romp through Twizzler trees in the middle of funnel cake fields that are surrounded by root beer waterfalls.

We sit in cushy deck chairs and feast on an unlimited supply of tacos and bacon.

I straighten my pirate hat and take a deep breath. The air smells like the sea, fresh cut grass and maple syrup.
I can’t help but notice that it never rains, but it always feels fresh like it just rained.

We drink frothy frozen fruity drinks (with colorful paper umbrellas), my lady and I.

We are joined by our beagle, who in my wildest dreams wears a neon orange tutu and speaks with a slight British accent.

In the early evening, we have a dance party with assorted Star Wars characters.
By the way, Yoda is a much better dancer than you would think, the little green dude has some moves!

Oh the magic of the river of dreams.
There is a undeniable sense of eclectic in the air, it’s unexplainable, uncontainable fun.

There are colors and flavors that haven’t even been invented yet.

There is 80’s Rock magically playing all the way down the river. We find ourselves bopping our heads and singing along.
Dream music is so much sweeter when you know all the lyrics.

There is boisterous laughter everywhere.
It is raw and rowdy.
But, it’s the kind of loud laughter that draws people in, rather than forcing them out.
The kind of pure humor that pulls instead of points.

It is a beautiful collision of happy dreams.
The river runs wild through the nation of Imagine.

There is only joy and hope and wonder.
Sadness and murky waters have been left behind.

But then…
I wake up…
AND it’s Tuesday.
ARGGHHH!! I really don’t like Tuesdays.

But then…
I realize, the message is clear.
Dreams can carry you through the Tuesdays.
So I carry the dreams close to my heart and within view of my one good eye, so that I can look at them often.

But then…
I realize, that’s not all.
Dreams aren’t meant to only be saved, they are meant to be shared.
I’m meant to be a river guide.
I’m designed to help others set sail on the river of dreams.
It’s a big, wide open river.
There’s room for everyone and you can jump in anytime.

In the middle of the day, I’m wide awake and I’m still sailing down the river of dreams.

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