Nobody is ever JUST a taco!

Posted: June 3, 2016 in Uncategorized


Nobody is ever JUST a taco.

I LOVE tacos!

They are one of my absolute favorite things!
They are the spicy taste of pure awesomeness.
Tacos are crunchy magic.
But when I go to my favorite Mexican restaurant,
I never get JUST a taco.
I get a combo number 9.
It’s a Taco AND a burrito AND a cheese enchilada, all on a piping hot plate.
If I’m feeling real saucy, I get beans too.

I love tacos.
BUT, as truly awesome as they are, EVEN Tacos by themselves would eventually get…well…boring.
That might sound like food blasphemy, but lunch should be more than ONE thing.
Even if that ONE thing is awesome!!

You need a combination platter.
You ARE a combination platter.

Life is like a Mexican buffet.
Nobody is ever just one thing.
We are combination platters.
Nobody is ever just a taco.
We are designed to bring our own unique flavors…
YOU are a combo platter of unique traits and abilities…
Fun and thoughtful…
Analytical and compassionate…
Creative and accepting…
Encouraging and intelligent…
Generous and friendly.
YOU are never just ONE thing.

Part of growing up is learning to accept and celebrate our combo and the combos of the people around us.
We need to realize that we are more than we thought we were.
You have more to offer/know/dream/enjoy/BE than you ever dreamed of!
What AMAZING flavors do you bring to the table?
You aren’t just ONE thing!!
You bring a combo of good things to a hungry world.

Maybe you put all your cheese into ONE taco.
You had ONE dream.
It was a good dream, it was full of flavor and potential.
It was tasty and beneficial to all mankind.
You were sure that it was the ONE thing that you were born to do.
But, sometimes life breaks your taco.
And, your hopes and dreams scatter like shredded lettuce.
When it didn’t work out you thought that was it, you were out of salsa.

But, here’s the thing, you aren’t just ONE thing!!
If the taco breaks, reach for the burrito.
You are more than the taco.
You are a beautifully complicated, artfully crafted combination platter.
There are flavors yet to be discovered.
Don’t sell yourself short.
And don’t forget the beans.

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