Let’s play!

Posted: May 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

And God stood at the door of my heart and knocked.
And I thought “OH GREAT, what have I done NOW?!”
I expected a spanking, a well deserved rebuke for my latest screw up.
I reluctantly opened the door to find Jesus standing there with a mischievous grin.
He looked into my tired eyes and said “can you come out and play?”

“This world is a broken place of shadows.
There is darkness, there is pain.
So, there is joy.
There is fun to be had.

I’ve given you laughter and music.
I’ve made things wild and wonderful.
I created color and flavor.
Let’s play.

I turn your scrap into story.
I turn your shame into song.
Let’s play.”

People say “justify your existence, work, count, compare, shine.”

Jesus giggles and says “You exist to love, to know me, to be free. You have nothing to prove, it’s time to play.”

Man shouts “PERFORM…BE MORE!!”
Jesus whispers “play…be mine.”

Like a sweaty child dropping off their dirty socks so that they can dive into a ball pit and get lost in the sea of multicolored plastic balls.
I drop my sin, shame, insecurities and fear.

I step…actually it’s more of a uncoordinated jump…out of the performance pit.
I’m diving in.

I chase after the Lord of laughter into the playground.

And life is never the same.

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