And we dance…

Posted: May 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

Twenty five years ago today i started dancing with a beautiful blonde headed girl in a humid river town.
There were family and friends there.
There was food and drink.
And, there was music…sweet music.
She placed her pretty hand in mine and we began to dance.
I looked into her blue eyes and I found my love song.
I declared my desire to dance with her forever.
I didn’t know what I was doing.
I had never danced before.
I awkwardly moved one foot, then the other.
I pulled her in closer and we danced.
I haven’t let go.

Some view marriage as a ball and chain,
That was never the plan, in fact marriage is meant to be the opposite of a ball and chain.
It was designed to be a dance.
A movement where you finally LOSE the chains and FIND yourself in the arms of your forever dance partner.
Twenty five years ago today, I did that!!
And we dance.

Sometimes the dance has been easy, it has come naturally.
But, sometimes the dance has required effort.
There is a rhythm to be discovered in relationship.
It requires timing and communication and sometimes I have forgotten the steps.
Sometimes I have awkwardly shuffled around.
We have learned that laughter is an essential dance move.
And we dance.

We have danced some happy dances.
We have danced during times of deep sorrow.
We have refused to be pushed off the dance floor.
The dance is always about moving in unison and learning to trust your partner.
And we dance.

It’s not a perfect dance.
Perfect is so boring.
I’ve stepped on Diana’s toes.
Sometimes, I get a little carried away and do an overexcited punk disco thing.
I’m thankful for the patience of my partner.
It’s not a perfectly executed number.
But, it’s our dance.
The dance should always be grace fueled even when it’s not graceful.
And we dance.

We have danced salsas of celebration.
Seasons of syncopated joy.
A beautiful boogie.
We have experienced moments that have brought us close like a colorful tango.
Together we raised an amazing daughter, we did our best to teach her a few dance steps.
We have so many wonderful friends who have been a part of our dance.
They come and go, they add to the music of our life.
And we dance.

There are always going to be dance critics.
People who don’t approve of your moves.
They stand on the sidelines and roll their eyes.
They judge and try to choreograph.
They try to stop the music and stifle the steps.
But, we have learned to dance like nobody else is at the party.
And we dance.

After all these years, I’m still learning the steps.
I’m hopelessly freestyle.
Nobody has the dance figured out right away.
The dance is meant to be discovered a little at a time. It’s meant to be take a lifetime.
Our dance is like no other dance.
Dance is art, not science.
Both partners have times when they lift and lead the other. It’s a dance, not a dictatorship.
We are still learning and leaning.
And we dance.

We’ve learned that you have to listen to the right music, the wrong music can easily get stuck in your brain and it can keep you from dancing.
We have found our jam.
And we dance.

Sometimes life choreographs your steps.
The music can get harsh.
Sometimes life throws sad songs at you.
Sometimes things spin out of control, the dance floor heats up and you find yourself dancing like a frantic chicken on a hot plate at the state fair.
You desperately try to catch your breath.
All you can do is pray that you found the right dance partner.
I did.
And we dance.

Twenty five years ago today i started dancing with a beautiful blonde headed girl in a humid river town.
It has been a sweet, sweet samba.
But, it’s just begun.
This is a forever foxtrot.

Diana, happy anniversary my love!
Thank you for sharing my dance floor.
I love you.
Let’s trip the light fantastic and dance into the hope of all our tomorrows.

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