Brave enough to be broken.

Posted: October 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Courage is a commodity that is required for change.
When we think of the word courage we think of the big, public displays of bravery…the revolutions, William Wallace, the Sit-ins, Martin Luther, Rocky Balboa.
All great examples of courage.
Change happens when we muster up the courage to stand up for ourselves, to fight back, to make a new start.
But, what if the biggest courage isn’t big at all.
In fact, it is quite small.
What if the greatest courage is displayed in just being yourself.
Are we brave enough to be broken.
It takes special Courage to be honest…to be real…to acknowledge that you are authentically imperfect.
There is a strength that is only found in weakness.
We try to be strong and impressive.
We prop up our person with position, power and prestige. We think it will make us look brave and independent.
We are so scared of being vulnerable.
But it takes real courage just to say…this is me…
Gifted yet flawed…beautifully needy…
True freedom is found in dependence.
You have to muster the courage to lean hard into arms that are bigger than yours.
I need to find the raw courage to confess that I need help, I’m flawed and I don’t care who knows it.
If you want to find the road to whole, you have to be brave enough to be broken.
Unfurl your flaws.
We are like Glow sticks that only start to shine when they are broken and shaken. We only really shine when we build on our brokenness and let the light of Christ seep through our cracks.
Be brave enough to be broken and you will find yourself being built into the courageous person you were born to be.

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