the benefits of recliner racing.

Posted: November 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

We are BIG race fans!
We love going to races in person!
The fans, the fumes, the funnel cakes!!
It’s a magical redneck wonderland.
But most races we only get to watch on TV.
That’s not a bad thing, in fact there are some distinct advantages to watching from home. I thought about this during a lazy moment and I came up with…(halfhearted drumroll please)…

The advantages of watching a race from my big comfortable chair…

I rarely get flipped off for wearing my Kyle Busch t-shirt.
Pants are optional.
I get to go to the bathroom whenever I want.
When I DO go to the bathroom, I don’t have to stand in sewage because the toilets overflowed during the second caution.
It doesn’t take me two and a half hours to get out of the parking lot.
I don’t have to stand up every three minutes so that the over friendly JR fan can go to the bathroom AGAIN!
I get to watch wrecks seventeen times (sometimes in SLO-MO!)
Nobody throws boiled peanuts at me.
Nobody spills beer on me every twenty three minutes.
I pay about three bucks for a package of ten hotdogs instead of seven bucks for ONE cold hotdog.
It takes me about seven seconds to find my chair.
I don’t have to wear clunky headphones.
I don’t have to leave early to beat the crowd.
No sunburn.
No chemically confident young bucks looking for a fight.
I can hear the people around me.
And finally…
I don’t have to pick burnt rubber bits out of my chullet.

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