Posted: January 22, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


“’Cause I’m T.N.T. I’m dynamite
T.N.T. and I’ll win the fight” – AC/DC
It’s a T.N.T. Tuesday…
Transfusion and Treatment.
I start the day with a blood transfusion.

I’m in a filling station and I opted for the high octane stuff.
We had to be at the hospital infusion clinic early.
Every chair is full at the filling station.
Every one of those chairs is a massage chair.  That is pretty awesome.
Every chair contains a different story.
An infusion room is a symphony of sounds.
I hear moans, groans, beeping machines, crying, my belching, and even laughter.
Laughter is the most powerful sound.
It is the music that changes the mood.
As I write this paragraph, my IV has just gone off letting everyone in the room know that I have just finished one bag of blood.
They take my stats every ten minutes and everything has been fine.
I look like a businessman on vacay in Vegas with my Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned down to my belly, showing off my hairless chest and allowing access to my port.
There’s a sweet older lady next to me who refers to her husband as hunny bunny in a slow southern drawl, he holds her hand as she drifts in and out of slumber.
Speaking of slumber, I’ve been given Benadryl again, so I feel like an elderly boa constrictor who has just swallowed eight Big Macs, I just want to lay on a rock in the sun.
After about four hours I’m done with my first T.
Two bags of a stranger’s blood have been pumped into my veins.
It is truly amazing what fresh blood can do. It changes my color, it quickens my step, it gives me life.
There is power in the blood.
Now we are onto T number two…
I’m at my oncologist’s number two office.
My doctor’s entire staff is awesome.
They have become good friends.
Some have become family.
They are people who care about people.
I take a seat in a beige non-massaging chair and I start treatment…
First off is a delightful cocktail of saline and steroids.
I get some anti nausea stuff. I like that stuff!
Then…ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…
The star of the show…
A chemo drug with a name that I can’t pronounce.
It seeps into my body and serves notice.
As I sat here in my Hawaiian shirt, sipping a cold ginger ale, next to my rock star wife, in my mind we are sitting in the sand at Myrtle Beach.
There is power in the imagination.
“I’ll win the fight.”

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