Posted: January 21, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.



It’s deja vu all over again.

I climb up into the crunchy blue vinyl chair, I’ve spent a lot of time in this chair in the last six months.
I unbutton my shirt until I suddenly look like chubby Elvis without the gaudy TCB necklace.
Our friend, the captain of the infusion room sticks a needle in my chest and the familiar fight is on.
It’s about to get UFC (Ugly Fighting Cancer),not that it’s been pretty so far.
But, this is a new bout.
In the midst of the familiar, there is a new fight.
The rules have changed.
Just like Mixed Martial Arts, the tempo is different. It’s more of a street fight.
I step in…
Instead of an octagon, I enter the circle of suffering.
It’s early when I arrive so most of the chairs are empty.
They slowly fill up with fellow fighters of all ages and backgrounds.
In the midst of my tests this morning, I find out that my hemoglobin is low AGAIN. So tomorrow along with my regular treatment, I will receive a blood transfusion AGAIN.
I used to give blood semi regularly, whenever I can give again I definitely will.
I’m so thankful to the anonymous donors who have taken the time and effort to share their life with me…literally.
My blood pressure is also a little low too. Being broken is so annoying.
Brokenness shows its self in small ways…
Tests that you can’t study for.
Today, I got fluids, and steroids, Benadryl (which even after all the other other drugs I’ve taken still makes me fuzzy brained), and some gnarly chemo drugs.
I received some drugs to help fight tumor lysis (which is what happens when the tumors burst…not a good thing!)
I start receiving some ugly new drugs on Wednesday.
The new drugs have new possible side effects, things I haven’t encountered yet…
We are praying hard about those things.
After treatment, we had to drive over to the hospital to get some more bloodwork done so I can get T-n-T tomorrow (transfusion AND treatment)…Yippee-Ki -Yay!
Once again I’m going to the bathroom every four minutes, which is a fairly mediocre exercise plan, but I am moving around.
For two shining weeks I have had facial hair. It was nice while it lasted and it WILL grow back.
We got to cheer for a friend as she rung the bell today. Her chemo is done and she is in remission. We are so happy for her!!!! We continue to pray for her because it takes a while for the body and brain to catch up with the bell.
Another incredible friend brought us some delicious food. I just polished off some amazing meatloaf! I love meatloaf! I’m so glad that my tastebuds are still cooperating!
So, the fight goes on…
I hike up my shorts, readjust my gloves, look up and wobble into tomorrow.

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