Buckle up.

Posted: January 15, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


Years ago, I went to Carowinds with some fun seeking coworkers.
We were there for some serious team building and corn dogs.
We rode some rides, and laughed, and talked, and then we found ourselves at the turnstiles of the Intimidator.
I was a little intimidated, but I was relieved that I was tall enough to ride. It’s a roller coaster named after Dale Earnhardt. I’m a NASCAR fan so I couldn’t wait to ride. I grabbed a seat right up front and waited. The teenage girl ride attendant came along and was putting everyone’s safety harness in place. She got to me and tried to shut my harness…
It wouldn’t click.
She pushed harder and literally put her entire body weight into trying to fasten it.
She was suspended in midair trying to buckle up my belt.
It wasn’t working…
I was too…umm…thick.
Too many corn dogs, I suppose.
And, I couldn’t ride without a safety harness.
I had to get off the ride and walk the chubby walk of shame.
It was embarrassing.
Safety harnesses are important…
A day ago, I went to the oncology clinic with my wife.
It felt like the first day of school.
We were ready to re-enroll in the school of weakness.
It’s like the second semester of college, I know a little more of what to expect.
It has almost become routine.
We had our school supplies…
Books and blankets.
Snacks and slip on shoes.
Diana’s work stuff.
But then one of the nurses came out to tell us that we were still waiting on insurance approval for this next “semester”.
So, we wait.
While we wait for a few days, I continue to recover from my biopsy surgery.
We met with the surgeon today and everything is healing up nicely.
The great news is that I can take bubble baths again…I’m man enough to loudly confess that I love bubble baths.
We are also trying to tame my wild digestive system. It has been behaving like an angry warthog.
This has been a crazy mental roller coaster, and i think I’ve established the fact that I’m not built for roller coasters anymore. But, here I am sitting right up front with my wife.
This time, our customized safety harnesses are firmly in place.
We wait to see what is around the next curve.
Here is one thing I learned during my first semester:
Life is both routine and risk.
You find yourself standing in the same places day after day.
But, on any given day the floor might fall out beneath your feet.
And THAT is why you need a safety harness at all times.
So buckle up!
and take a bubble bath if you get a chance!

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