Posted: January 1, 2019 in Postcards from Cancerland.


Sometimes you have houseguests.

They come and eventually go.
I’ve been a houseguest, I’ve had houseguests.
Sometimes, houseguests leave their mark.
Sometimes, you don’t discover that mark for days, weeks, or months…
Then you find mysterious stains in the carpet, broken furniture, toothpaste in odd places, and ripped shower curtains.
Chemo is the worst house guest ever.
You invite it in so it can take care of business.
It comes, goes, and leaves it’s mark.
It has been a while since I’ve had the killer cure staying with me, but each day I discover what it has left behind.
I have the energy level of a drunken sloth, my stomach feels like an out of control angry blender that makes the strangest noises at the most inconvenient times, and sometimes it feels like Panthers linebacker, Thomas Davis, is standing on my hands.
But, the rudest thing that my houseguest has done is that it has left unfinished business.
I had a PET scan a while back and there are two masses still showing up.
They are smaller but they are still there.
One started out grapefruit size, it’s smaller now.
But, it’s still there.
This is a big concern.
So, we go in for the biopsy surgery in two days (January 3rd).
Then, we will find out in the follow up appointment next Monday (January 7th) with our oncologist what the next step is.
So, we are looking at the possibility of inviting our rude house guest back.
There will be more hospital time, more pain, more challenges.
A miracle.
That’s what we REALLY want.
It can happen, because my house doesn’t actually belong to me.
The Holy Spirit isn’t a houseguest.
He owns the joint.
I am the houseguest.

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