The dust begins to settle…

Posted: November 17, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


The fighter catches his breath and takes a seat.
The sixth round is over.
He is wiped out, it’s been a tough round that was delayed because of a sucker punch.
But, now it’s over.
And now the little fighter awaits a decision.
No matter what happens the fighter will never be the same.
He has been inducted into a circle that he was blissfully unaware of six months ago.
He has experienced new levels of both joy and suffering.
He has seen and felt deep pain and deeper hope.
He has made some brave new friends.
He will never be the same.
He has experienced love stronger than he ever imagined…
The love of his good and faithful God,
The love of his amazing wife and family,
The love of incredible friends.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…
Today, I happily parted ways with the infusion bag.
I finished my sixth round of chemo!
I even have a certificate to prove it.
It has been a wild ride!
For the last five months we have had a crazy cycle of treatment, side effects, and rebuild.
Then do it all over again.
Today was the end of the last scheduled treatment week.
I’m a Chemo graduate.
College was easier!
So now we work through the side effects.
And after a tough fight, we await the decision.
I feel groggy and disoriented, like I have a bean bag chair duct taped to my head.
I suddenly have whiskers growing on my chin, I haven’t been this excited about peach fuzz since I was seventeen.
The steroids have made my cheeks so rosy that I currently resemble a care bear.
I have learned so much about faith, hope, and love.
I will never be the same.
We go in for some bloodwork in a few days and start some scans that will give us some answers.
In the meantime…
It’s a chilly November night, but I sit inside my warm house eating some beans and cornbread with the beautiful queen of my pirate heart.
And I’m so ridiculously thankful for warmth, and life, and friends, and family, and hope, and healing, and new seasons and stories, and for the Holy Spirit who continues to hold my hand and walk with me…

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