Posted: October 11, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.


My worth is NOT found in what I do, or what I have.

What makes me valuable is NOT where I’m from, or who I’m with.

The thing that gives me value is what I’m made of.
I am woven from the fabric of my Father.
So are you!
That is what makes us priceless.
It’s nothing that we do or earn or buy.
It’s who we are.
We are fabric.
We are beautifully diverse threads, all made of the same divine fiber.
Woven into EACH of us are the same raw fibers…
There is nobility…
and hope…
wonder is woven in from the beginning…
there is goodness…
joy and peace are sewn into who we are..,
Above all, there is love woven in you and me.
We are fabric.
Together we are tapestry.
We have to realize that our fight is not against fabric.
Our enemy is not other fabric.
When we tear or cut the fabric of another, we are really hurting ourselves, because we are all woven together.
No matter how different we are, we are one.
There are certain things that would stain the fabric…
things like fear, despair, insecurity, judgment.
We have to choose to use love and kindness as stain repellents against those things.
We are woven from the fabric of our Father.
This is the fabric of our lives.

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