Stay the Course!

Posted: October 9, 2018 in Postcards from Cancerland.



We heard from the doctor first thing this morning (which is a miracle in itself, we were ready to impatiently wait for a while!)

Here is the news: nothing has really changed. the tumors have NOT gotten bigger, they haven’t really gotten smaller yet either.
But, it seems that the good Doctor believes that will change, so we are staying the course.
We are not going to plan B.
We are proceeding into chemo treatment round five next week.
The Doctor feels good about that.
I feel good about the fact that this gives us even more of a baseline and that God is about to show up and show off.
As a grizzled old pirate I totally understand the charge to stay the course, it means  to pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism.
That is what we will do.
It’s a new day, and Joy has come in the morning.
I can smell it!! (Joy smells like a combination of good coffee and fresh baked bread).
I raise my sails and unfurl my flag.
I can feel the Spirit like a refreshing sea mist upon my face.
I fix my eyes on my Captain. He works wild wonder and does miracles that no man can take credit for.
I’m so incredibly thankful for the queen of my pirate heart, it has been a tough twenty four hours!
We have hugged and cried and laughed and hoped.
Now, we dance.
It has become abundantly clear once again that we have an amazing crew of family and friends sailing with us.
We have been flooded with hope, prayers, and love.
Thank you all! We love you so much.
We sail into yonder horizon not fully knowing what it holds, BUT, fully knowing who holds us…
We stay the course.

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