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Art has been my therapy for a awhile.

I’ve been drawing silly pictures for as long as I can remember.

Ever since I could hold a purple crayon in my chunky fist, I have found solace in scribbling.

The answer for bad days, bullies, and broken hearts has always been to sit down, take a breath and draw a cartoon.

But, a particularly nasty chemo drug that I can’t pronounce has made my fingers wonky and wiggly.
So, right now I can’t draw.
That’s really not cool.

I need some medicinal creativity.
I need songs, images and stories to soothe me.

Art is therapy.
And, sometimes when you can’t make your own craft you can borrow art from others.
It can still be completely therapeutic.
Sometimes, you are healed by art on loan.
Maybe it’s the music or musings of a total stranger, or even, someone who has been dead for decades.

But, sometimes you are embraced by the art of a friend.
That is such a cool and beautiful privilege.

Tonight, We took a little excursion out into the land of the living to a funky little theatre.

I got to go hear some amazing art from some friends and it washed over me like healing waters.
I was incredibly privileged to witness three friends, who I have watched grow from teenage humans with big dreams into fully functional adult artisans.
It’s so ridiculously sweet to witness friends grow into their art and find their voice.
Tonight their voices spoke to me.
It whispered hope, freedom, and fun.

I met all three of them nine years ago this month when we moved to Charlotte.

The first was Cameron “Cheesecake” Floyd, I haven’t heard Cameron for a few years and he has grown so much as an artist. He strapped on a guitar and sung some beautiful original songs. He did an incredible job. His songs were playful and profound (you can be both…at the same time!) He has fantastic stage presence.

The second friend is Ivory Layne. Once upon a time, she was the musical director of our little middle school tribe. Now, she is a phenomenal songwriter, musician, and performer. She makes art that is so completely unique that it defies labels or limits. She hit the stage with her fancy band and made the kind of music that really needs to be shared with the whole world. It is bouncy and honest. It is life giving and you can dance to it!

The third friend was Madalyn Rhyne, who is a master at management, and yes, friends, that IS an art!
She takes care of business for her sister, Ivory. Nine years ago, Madalyn was one of our awesome small group leaders. Today, she crafts moments, she orchestrates events, and she does it with a smile.

I would like to publicly thank the three of them for speaking to me tonight.

I’m so proud of Y’ALL.
I appreciate your art.
It is medicine.

Art is therapy.
If you find that you can’t make it, borrow it!

Stare at a painting by Picasso.
Listen to a Beatles album.
Read some poetry by Maya Angelou.
Notice someone who is turning mundane into masterpiece because they do it with passion.

Let it speak to you.

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